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Counseling for study in Bangladesh/ India/ China/ Philippines/ Germany for specially MBBS/BDS/Engineering/MD/MS/Nursing/MPH and many more.

Signup International Education Pvt. Ltd. is registered Company at Company Registrar’s Office, Kathmandu, Nepal. It has objectives to provide educational counseling to the Nepali students aspiring to study in foreign universities & colleges and also to provide research consultancy to professional organizations, through abroad study program at Signup international. Signup, assist in choosing the best colleges and universities abroad. Mainly with Large network of the universities across Germany Bangladesh, India, China, Philippines, Japan, providing ample choices and ensuring the continue support and counsel to the student throughout the study period by Signup regional managers. By now Signup, has been affiliated with over a dozen universities/colleges in Asia and Europe.

Apart from this, Signup, also runs different training program, youth empowerment research based programs such as academic and applied research, media and social sciences research, marketing research, marketing, advertising, web designing etc.

Science education now has been a global concept; many students of Nepal also want to pursue their academic career from foreign colleges and universities. Many students prefer to choose Bangladesh as their destination to pursue degree, mostly technical i.e. medical and engineering degrees. What they lack is the right counselor and suitable college and universities with suitable course for them. Signup, with the hope of providing counseling to the deserving Nepalese students, have started its own business at the heart of capital city Kathmandu.


  • Philippines
  • China
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States